I Am Proud To Be A Woman Because…

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Being Duchesse

Every year, we celebrate women during the month of March and this year is no different. I grew up around a woman who took this month and especially the 8th, very seriously and so I was always aware of the significance of the International Women’ Day which was not the case for some people back then.

Every year, I choose to celebrate women by writing about them specifically. Last year, with other Burundian bloggers we took a challenge and we each wrote an article to/about Burundian women. You can read mine here.

This year, I am talking about the young woman that I am. I put together some – but no all – reasons why I am super duper proud to be a woman.

I am proud to be a woman because I was raised by an incredible woman who while working full-time and traveling a lot never ceased to…

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